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Cashbook Finance is an Invoice Finance and Factoring company (B2B lender) established in accordance to the Financial Conduct Authority in the UK.

After a successful history over the past 10 years in the EU, our team and shareholders decided to expand in the UK market. With our dynamic and expert team, the company not only provides classical invoice finance services but also produces specially designed solutions by taking an innovative approach that satisfies sector and client expectations in the best way possible.

Invoice finance can be either a short or long-term funding option to release cash from your outstanding invoices. By assigning your receivables through Cashbook Finance, you can regulate your business’s cash flow, increase the working capital, and make your balance sheet more liquid, further growing your business into the next stage.

With the right facility, invoice finance can be a cost-effective way of boosting growth and smoothing out seasonal trading, ensuring you can sell with confidence without worrying about the impact of large new contracts on your cashflow.

In the past, large banks would seek to cover a ‘book’ of invoices on behalf of a company. With the emerging of new funding providers, it is now possible to fund just a single invoice in order to borrow money against the amount that is due from your clients. This in turn helps cash-strapped clients respond to their business needs adequately, whether it is paying suppliers upfront, ensuring salaries are paid on time or funding the next growth campaign.

Contact us for a free consultation at info@cashbookfinance.co.uk or call us at 020 3239 0699.


The optimal solution for your liquidity needs.

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