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Cashbook Finance - Liquidity


Invoice financing that you receive by assigning your receivables through Cashbook Finance regularizes your business cash flow, increases the working capital you can create, and makes makes your balance sheet more liquid.

Cashbook Finance - Time


Investigating a customer’s credit record, managing and making collections, handling credit procedures… they all take time which you save by taking advantage of invoice discounting and factoring services.

Cashbook Finance - Financial Strength


Many companies use factoring

to increase profits or fund growth.

Take advantage of early payment discounts, negotiate bulk discounts from suppliers, increase inventory

for large orders, or add staff and required to fund expansion.

Cashbook Finance - Access To Specialist Expertise


We provide not only classical factoring services but also produce tailored-made solutions by taking an innovative approach that satisfies the expectations of sectors and clients in the best way possible.

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